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Flower Pot (Large)

Year: 2014

Size: 19” x 24”

Availability: Available 


This piece is the first in a series of six and the only one I am sharing publicly at this time. The remaining five will be shared in late October after an open studio event in the building that my work studio is in takes place. The concept of this series was developed while I was on vacation in March 2014. I wanted to work on an application of Lego that I hadn’t really seen before. And, of course, I wanted it to have a certain feel and style to it. I am really happy with the results – the wood grain look (three different shades of brown) and also the texture of the medium-blue background, as well as the randomness of the purple flower. This piece, as well as the others, are ready to be framed. They’re fully glued (and quite heavy!). Hope you enjoy this and stay tuned for the others!

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