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Artist Services

I am often asked for art and business advice and frequently have other artists who want to bounce ideas off of me.  I am also frequently asked by parents about providing mentorships and also building classes and tips for their children.

I am happy to now be offering the below services to accommodate these requests. These services are available either by booking in advance for in person sessions at events or they can be done virtually over Zoom. (For long term mentorships, they can be a combination of both).

Mentorships:  $150.00 per week.  


  • Two one-hour long Zoom or phone sessions within one week. (to review art, discuss business strategies, etc.)

  • One art critique

  • Full access to Jonathan via email with follow-up questions within that week.

Art Critique:  $100.00 per critique.  


  • A one hour Zoom session to discuss the work and provide dialog and sounding board for strategies for revision.

  • Notes of the details of our session will be compiled and emailed to you as follow up.

  • One follow-up review of the work - via email - after some of the alterations have been implemented.

  • Additional reviews of the same work are $50.00 per review, via email.


Master Building Classes:

  • For individuals and groups!  Details to come.

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