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Brooklyn, Sustained

Year: 2016

Size: xx' x xx'

Availability: Available 


This piece was inspired by a sketch that artist Vincent LeLievre had shared this past summer. I’ve interpreted his sketch in LEGO and have added details that are typical of my building style. For me, the piece follows the direction of my work "A Vanishing Brooklyn" in that it is based on the mingling of two architectural styles. Here, we have the older, weathered facade and first floor, maintained and sustained, with the addition of more contemporary modules built upward and on to it. Also, included are the green roof elements from Vincent’s original sketch, which I’ve interpreted to also elicit the ‘sustained’ aspect of this piece. I am really happy with the results here. Much like "A Vanishing Brooklyn", this piece was inspired by another artists concept and I knew I wanted to interpret it the moment I saw it. Enjoy! Vincents Instagram: vincent.lelievre.artist.

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