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About Jonathan

Jonathan Lopes is a renowned artist and published author who works within the medium of LEGO bricks.  He focuses on a variety of genres including urban landscapes, conceptual art, and life-sized sculptures and is well known for his realistic and gritty urban scenes.  Lopes’ work has been likened to the Ashcan School artistic movement and he has also been complimented as having “an instantly recognizable building style” when working within the LEGO medium.


Selections of Lopes’ work are permanently placed at The Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey as well as corporate installations across the country. Candlewick Press, in Somerville, Massachusetts has no less than four original pieces designed and assembled by Lopes. Other well know works include a 12 foot long replica of New York City’s Manhattan Bridge and also an 8 foot tall replica of New York City’s Woolworth Building in addition to a replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater – complete with a pump and running water.


Lopes’ book, NEW YORK CITY BRICK BY BRICK (May 2019, Abrams Image) is available everywhere books are sold.  Additionally, the exhibition that showcases the work featured in the book travels the country for viewing.


For the past several years, Lopes has been the featured artist appearing at all BrickUniverse Conventions reaching over 100,000 people and displaying upward of 50 pieces at each event. Lopes also presents keynote speeches and sessions on his creative process at each event.


After spending over 25 years immersed in New York City’s vibrant creative community, Jonathan relocated to San Diego, California, in 2015.

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